Lunch with the Governor of Laikipia

We left Meru and headed towards Nanyuki for our last cluster meeting.  on the way we were able to view Mount Kenya a little closer. It was strange to see snow at the top of a mountain when it looks like desert below. 

The cluster meeting was held at a school so we were greeted by all the children screaming and waving wanting high fives.  They made us feel like celebrities. 

When we arrived in Nanyuki we had lunch with the Governor of Laikipia County (Governor Irungu) and the TIST membership council. I was one of the students who had the privilege to sit with the Governor and speak with him.   

Governor Irungu is also the chair of the Water, Environment and Natural Resources Council that is comprised of all the Governors of KENYA. It was an experience I would never have been able to reproduce in a classroom. I am very thankful to New England College for the opportunity for this trip to learn about our worldwide environmental problems first hand. 

Tomorrow is our last day in Kenya. We will be getting up early to experience a safari before heading home.  This trip has been very exhausting but worth every minute of it!


4 thoughts on “Lunch with the Governor of Laikipia

  1. Very cool that you got to talk to the governor about environmental issues. I can’t wait to see pictures of the safari and enjoy the fun time….you guys deserve it!

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